The Cow Dream

I completely forgot about this blog!!! Wow. I've had some more dreams since the last ones which I now intend to share.... here is goes... This first one is the ultimate.

Realistic/Thrilling I’m in a maths lesson. Mr S is talking to someone behind me when Heather just walks in. She’s holding an envelope addressed to me, inside it are two tickets to a rave, one for me and one for a friend, I obviously say Heather can come with me. We leave the lesson to go to the rave which is weird because the lesson isn’t over, and it’d be a pretty early rave as it’s only 1200hrs.
We are then at the place of the rave, it’s in this underground warehouse thing, the perfect place for a megazone (lazer tag). We are walking down this long corridor, there are pink and green neon music posters on the wall advertising past events and most importantly it’s very very quiet, which, from what I gather from the nature of raves, is quite unusual. We get to the door that is clearly the entrance where there is this old hippy looking man, in army surplus clothes and long brown hair and beard. He has a thick west country accent.
I show our tickets.

Him: You can’t go in there!
Me: Why not?
Him: There be cows in there.
Me: But we have tickets.
Him: The cows... they’ll maul you to death they will.
Me: But the tickets.
Him: No one has ever gone in there and come out alive.
Me: I’m not passing up a free rave.
Him: Well on your head be it

Heather is really not sure about this whole thing but for some reason I’m very determined.
We walk in and it’s pitch black and deadly silent. Suddenly, out of the darkness comes a heard of thousands and thousands of cows, they are all wearing neon war paint, that shows up nicely in the UV lighting. Heather immediately hides behind me, as they all advance menacingly. We are thinking, that’s it, we’re both going to die when suddenly they stop and the one in the front row, in the centre bows to us. Immediately all the others follow, like a Mexican wave of bowing cows, it’s a truly phenomenal sight. It is then clear to me. I AM THE COW MESSIAH.
Cows are unlike humans, they don’t have many different religions that no one can agree on. They have one ultimate religion, that isn’t really religion, it’s a science, it is true. There is an ultimate cow god, like Christianity but true, unarguably, 100% true.
I’m then back in school and I’ve developed a new power: mind control. I just think things and people do it. I’m only using it for childish games however, getting people to throw stuff at each other and poke each other; I then find my self sitting in a library, in a meeting with some people who I know in the dream but in reality they are complete randoms. In front of me is a sort of marauders map (if you’ve seen/read Harry Potter you’ll know what I mean) and on it is a dot that is labelled “laura”, I then see her. It’s someone who I have never met before, I have no idea who she is but I can picture her vividly, she’s climbing some stone stairs in an old spiral staircase. I suddenly lose control of my own mind, a voice that is not my own fills my head and it is wishing her to fall down the stairs. My mind then goes blank. I walk to the staircase where I wished her to fall and find her lying there, a bloody, dead mess in a stairwell.
As it turns out the Cow god was using me to take over the world. As Humans have all the power he realises the only way to take over the world is to have a spy almost, he needs a human to be able to take over the world. Basically he is using me to kill off the whole human race so that the cows can gain power.