University worries

I've missed a couple or more lectures recently and had to go and meet the Head of First Year Physics, Dr Tim Richardson, who, as it turns out, is a lovely bloke however the night before I was very stressed and as a result had a dream...

It started off with me Heather and Kim (which is weird because they live on the other side of the country) going to hunt him down in what was meant to be the Hicks building (This is where the physics department is a Sheffield) except in my dream it is this really fancy glass building. The actual conversation went very well, we chatted and he was cool over me missing lectures. Immediately after however, Kim and Heather turned on me, as though I’d done something horrible; this lead to an argument and us being separated.
I then meet Mr Seager and Mrs Ingle (which is again, odd, because they are from CCHS not Uni...) and they are chatting to me; it turns out however that they are just distracting me as some men in white coats were on their way to section me. Next thing I know I’m being tied to a chair in a straight jacket and this other bloke, who in the dream I know but not in reality, who is dressed as a lion is tied up next to me. It was unbelievably odd.

The actual meeting went fine and none of the sectioning or falling out with friends happened after.