Blogging through Boredom

Well I haven't blogged in agggeeesss. And I'm not much further on from what I was stressing about in my last post, apart from the fact that I'm not going to Cambridge and I'm not dropping anything, and Mr S is an annoying fool.

I'm so bored! I am currently sitting in my mum's classroom doing nothing... well apart from this. So bored.

Had a weird dream last night. Began in school (well supposedly my school but actually nothing like my school at all) and there was a new teacher who is someone I have never met before; he then started to hit on me and we were having a weird non-relationship, it sounds boring and weird but it was actually kind of funny. He was cool although a bit funny looking. I then woke up, because I had rolled onto the horrific sunburn I got yesterday that covers my back, with lord of the dance (yes the weird Hymn) stuck in my head. Finally got it out by singing scissor sisters and went back to sleep. The next dream I had, had Christopher Eccleston in it; and we were sitting in his dressing room, which was in a basement at the far corner and was kinda lonely and isolated. And we were just chatting randomly chatting, although he was being really distant and uninterested, which is probably how he would be if I met him but the point was this was my dream and I wasn't too pleased with that sort of behaviour in what could have been a really good dream.

These admittedly weren't my weirdest dreams. I may have to post the others as they are uber-odd.