Utterly Random Post

Ok I know I only blogged a short while ago but now I'm really really bored and so will tell you about the amazingness of last week.

It began on sunday night at 1600hrs when I arrived and Cat and Chris Bramley's for Chris' birthday bash. This evening mainly consisted of wii games, Eddie Izzard, Hot Fuzz, Dance Mat, staying up until 0430hrs to watch Jon playing world of warcraft and eating too much melon. Separately they all sound a bit uninteresting but together they make for a fun night. It being so late I fell asleep almost instantly in my duvet cover as this is all I had brought with me. The unfortunate thing about this was I woke up at 0730hrs to find I was infact frozen alive and had to waddle about in the cover to try and warm myself up. Sarah then gallantly sacrificed her sleeping bag allowing me to get another two hours sleep before waking up for more melon and to watch V for Vendetta which I love more than socks.

At 1120hrs (ish) Cat drove me to the station, being in Cat's mini with her driving is so fantastically fun, I tried to convince her to drive through a red and speed but she wasn't going to do either but nevermind. I got to the station and missed my train but the next one wasn't far away and soon found myself in London where Kim, Jemma, Heather and Ala were waiting for me. We then wandered and sat, waiting for Ala to leave so that we could head off to Pizza Express. The meal was good, and we bought a bottle of wine between three of us which made us happy as none of us look 18 but nevermind. We then went into a clothes shop, enough said there, I wasn't at home. This was however followed by a trip to Covent Garden, complete with human statues and clown like men, which made up for the clothes shop as it is where I belong. we watched two men doing circusy tricks, not particularly well, however they were bald and middle aged and therefore unmissable. One was infact kind of perverted as he continued to make inuendos while talking to a seven year old girl they had as a volunteer. Next it was off to the best place in the world by far.... THE SCIENCE MUSEUM!!!! First we were off to the basement where we played with the cool science toys, admittedly looking a bit odd as the oldest there but fun none the less. My favourte bit however was the history of maths section as I was able to see, for real, my favourite shape of all time in it's real 3D form... the great dodecahedron! I had only ever seen it in pictures but in real life it is breath takingly beautiful. I will attach a picture but you really need to see it in it's true form to appreciate it.