Bored again...

So I spent another day in school learning. realising that I now know lots and lots of chemistry but very little else. I'm very worried about my Physics exam. What is also plaguing me at the moment is what the hell do I drop next year???

It was always intended that I would drop chemistry but I like it now and if I take it I can apply to Cambridge, which although getting in is unlikely, I want the chance. This of course means I cannot drop physics or maths, not that I want to, and there is no way I'm dropping drama as I love acting and I'm not missing out on that. This leaves me with general studies which is only one lesson a week and it really isn't going to make a huge difference and I enjoy it. which leaves me dropping nothing. This could result in a major breakdown or Mr S eating me alive. oh what to do?

My thoughts are I'm now sorting myself out so my concentration should increase... and I don't hate chemistry anymore. Oh deary deary me.