Some old quotes from year 12!

"Well if I were married to Mr Seager..." Jo

"D'ya remember when I walked into the dining room in my underwear and thought it was lucy but it was her brother?""Maybe it was the thought of that that drove him upstairs..." Caitlin and Heather

"I'm going to cut my hair short and then I can have it curly so I'll look like Alan Davies..." Jo (it's actually more like James may's haircut)

"I'm in the ready position" Tom

"dad's put on rainbow [on the tv]... no wait... I mean rambo." Juliet

"What do you have to do with this question?""answer it" me and then a girl from explore... I suppose I wasn't really clear...

"Oh Gee""Do you think Gee is the short for jesus?""Could be... because there's also Geez of course""Yeah but you spell Geez: G-e-e-s-e""er no Juliet, that's geese" Jo and Juliet

"You know you just wrote "Yeah" Y-E-A, well my stomach said it in the same way" Juliet

"I've always wanted to know what your plug hole looks like" Sam

"I like bonding" Mr Seager

"I teach year ten and above""lucky you""yes lucky me, it means I don't have to teach little people. sorry Jo"- Dr Noble and Laura

"Jo, Boron?" Dr Noble

"Heather and Jo sitting in a tree... oops." Laura

"aww look at that dog. I feel so sorry for it. look at its face it's like it's saying 'I'm so ugly I'll never get a girlfriend" Juliet

"I'm bored, I've got nothing to do""Let's do something together" Jo and Caitlin

"I don't want to do it 3,000,000 times a day Jo just give me three minutes, I'm not a machine" Caitlin

"I am totally above you people" Jo

"Dirty Girl stroke my leg" Caitlin

"...peer led sex education, did anyone go?""Yeah, why?""I'm just interested in bonding" Mr Seager and Kim

"Doesn't chess make you more intelligent?""Not if you play with a seven year old""sorry Jo" mr seager and Caitlin

"Jo, what are you sucking on?""I'm not I'm blowing" Caitlin and Jo

"but then you have wet nuts" Jo

"remember Fractions are your friends" Mr Seager

"she was the first in our clinic" Kim (talking about her mum's contraception)

"we should get you drunk more often" Kim (to Jo)

[when asked if she wanted to move somewhere more comfortable by Kim]" square... the square" Jo in my sleep)

"all I can think about is polynomials" Jo while in bed

"how do you spell polynomials?""p-o-l-y-n-o-m-i-a-l-s" Kim then Jo (very fluent and drunk)

*quoting the rules of indices* Jo when drunk

[after seeing kim write]"what are you doing? are you completeing the square?" Jo

"what's the quadratic formula?"*quotes formula clearly and quickly* kim and a drunk Jo

"I love polynomials" Jo

"Can I clean your board for you?" Laura

"Then you go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love Polynomials" Laura

"what would you be if you had a sex change""err... a man?" someone then katy.

"You've got a hand like zepidee's head, it pops up at every occasion" Dr Noble

"Nobody sleeps with me" Terry

"I often bring him up" Jo (about Seager)

"That's Heather's wand you're playing with" Lucy to Jo

"Heather's wand is getting a bit limp" Lucy

"I want a friend" Jo (I hadn't finished)

"Do you know what my name is?" Kim

"I like c**k" Jo

"It's like... we could break up but... well... I'd be f**ked" Jo (about the song "god only knows")

"I like a guy who feeds me... graham fed me" Jo

"was that you or an angry cat?" Heather to Kim

"Is that a candle in your cassock or are you just pleased to see me" Jo (about Alan Rickman *looks up*)

"by deduction I would assume that you two were also a couple" Dr Palmer (about cat and emily)

"Things are definitely going 'boing' below" Mrs Owers

"He's definitely going to be having a fiddle" Mrs Owers

"I want to sandwich Dr Nobel" Jo

"You and Seager should definitely be lovers" Sam (to Jo)

"Jo, Why are you sitting with the staff?""Because Jo's important" Laura and Dr Palmer

"We are the same person we're not going to be completely different" Emily (to Jo)

"If I could pull off that outfit I would" Heather (to Jo)

"That's not the way to get into a girls pants Jo""Jenna, I'm gay, I don't want to get into your pants" Jenna and Jo

"I think one should be called four so that the numbers are in alphabetical order as well as numerical order" Juliet

"I want Mr Adams at 10 past" Emily

"I do admit to a weakness in long division" UNKNOWN

"Gooseberries are green and hairy but you're a lemon, which are sexy and yellow" Jo [to Kim]

"Jo will not refer to herself in the third person" Jo

"I think women are too complicated, I don't understand them""I find women easy to understand because I get their complicatedness, men are difficult to get because they're so simple and that confuses me""Yea but you're a woman" Jo and Emily

"Wouldn't Eddie [Izzard] and Stevie [Fry] make a lovely couple? Although Eddie's neither gay or bi so it would be rather uncomfortable for him." Jo

"But you don't like talking about this sort of stuff""I LIKE S*X!" Heather and Jo

"Mr seager knows everything theoretical but mr Duxbury knows everything practical""yeah together they would make the perfect man" Emily and Jo

"I cant wait till im 18! drinking and driving!!" Jo

"18.10 - stopped to get some c**k" Jo

"It's all for you Jo" Kim [talking about her hooker boots]

"No I won't lend you a protractor, you'll revise!" Jo

"ihaterevisionimboredihadlasagneforlunchiburntmytongue" Jo [in one breath]

"Is that my plate, yes it is because that's my rice, I thought it was nice, it was not" Jo

"That's not his leg why did I say that?" Jo [all as one sentence]

"You know Jo, you're wearing the same outfit as Mr Cameron today" Heather

"Yea, but you're all WOMEN!!" Jo

"So how long have you had this crush on Mr Seager" Dr Noble [not true... the bastard! this was followed by me calling him mr seager by accident]

"CAN I DO MR OWERS!!!! I WANT TO DO HIM! LET ME! LET ME!" Jo [this is in reference to doing his leaving speech but it didn't sound like it at the time]

"Dr Noble Dr Noble! Take advantage of Jo!" Laura