Piers Morgan, arrogant, ignorant and a "pea-brained twit"

Okay sooo... it being exams and all meant mucho insomnia, therefore I decided to go on a nice scour of the web looking for interesting and banal stuff to read, this is where I came across Piers Morgan's website (this obviously falling into the "banal" catergory). On this site I found his "daily rants" one was about Twitter... he is a dick, I complained, this is what I wrote:

I hate the way people do this. We get it, you don’t like it, but there is clearly something about it people enjoy. Some of the most talented, intelligent and interesting people are on it, many of whom are far more successful and influential than you could ever hope to be you ignorant little man. It is clear just from this that it isn’t perhaps as “purile” as you state. From twitter I’ve had the opportunity to feel connected to some of my heroes, people who have had a massive influence upon my life such as Stephen Fry and Eddie Izzard, I’ve been able to receive updates from NASA and the astronaut Mike Massimino who actually tweeted from space and I’ve spoken to new like minded people from all over the world. What is brilliant about it is it’s simplistic nature, you don’t spend hours on it as with facebook and myspace, you merely log on, update and see what others are up to. It doesn’t take over your life and you can still go out and talk to “real” people. I’m not saying you have to like it, that would be idiotic, I’m saying just accept just because you don’t understand it don’t just assume it’s stupid. And another thing, these “pea-brained little Twits” are your fans, respect them as they respect you.

Harsh? maybe a little... True? 100%.