Red Riding and a bit of Dead Set

Oh my, this isn't going to be a long post as my concentration and ability to spell is shot... however I need to write something as I've just finished watching the last one of the trilogy on 4OD and oh my it's amazing. Channel Four is definitely the channel to watch at the moment, regardless of a few very bad shows I hate (*cough* skins *cough*) there are some brilliant dramas coming out for example Dead Set written by the amazing Charlie Brooker, and now Red Riding.

Red Riding as a real gritty grimy British Cinema feel to it, very This is England/Dead Man's Shoes. And it's superbly effective in portraying the stories. On top of this it has a fantastic Cast including David Morrissey (Blackpool), Paddy Considine (Dead Man's Shoes, Hot Fuzz) and Sean Bean (Sharpe) as well as many more, which really finish it off and make it simply superb

When I see shows like this, which manage to create such believable suspense and effects with a TV budget it makes me wonder how the hell some Hollywood films can be so bad. For example the corpses in Dead Set are suberb however at the beginning of the most recent 3D film "My Bloody Valentine" the first proper corpse you see is very very clearly just a dummy used to teach CPR, covered in corn syrup. What I think is great about these ambitious shows on such a modest British TV budget is the imagination and creativeness it brings out and it really goes to show how brilliant us Brits can be at creating masterpieces without big Budgets...

[That's a badly written post if ever I read one however I am sleepy and ill and you catch my drift...]