Am I unintentionally stalking Jimmy Carr?

Can you stalk someone unintentionally?

On 5th March I went to Halifax to see Jimmy Carr which was simply amazing, definitely the best show he's done so far; afterwards I even got to meet him briefly as he did the signing thingy he does which was the best Birthday present I could possibly ever get. This was all very exciting and not very stalkerish as well... if no one went to see his gigs he would be incredibly unsuccessful. This was then followed the next week by sending him a "tweet" on Twitter and actually getting a reply, this was exciting and I was thrilled as he answered a question I'd be thinking about for a while [It was about his next DVD title, apparently it is probably to be "Telling Jokes" making the set read "Live, Stand Up, Comedian, In Concert, Telling Jokes" which I love in my OCDish way]. This I don't think is stalkery either... yes perhaps I have sent a few too many tweets previously before receiving a response however he hasn't exactly been inundated with them; I'm being normal honest.

What I worry about though is that, owing to Twitter, I sort of unintentionally know where he is all the time; I don't seem to do it with other celebrities I follow but with Mr Carr I always seem to remember where he is, which leads to people questioning my reasons for that. In addition to this I actually ended up in the same town as him on Friday as I went to see Heather in Aberyswyth which is pretty distant from where either of us live.

So far I think I can say it isn't really stalking however I do worry I may slip into it accidently, if I see him again I shall run away and remove myself as a follower, it's just not healthy.

[In addition, guess who is tagged most out of all my blogs... you guessed it, The Carr himself :S]