Cursed be the internet... and other tales

Ok… I’m really annoyed. My internet is down so I’m left sitting playing freecell (I’ve challenged myself to play every game and I’m up to 75 so far. Woo hoo. You are probably thinking…”how the hell are you managing to blog when you have no internet?”.. and the answer is I am typing it on word and I will post it later. Ingenious, no?

Talking of ingenious I have a fantastic money making scheme, which is easy enough that I can do it and requires a level of effort that most people wouldn’t bother with and therefore is ok to publish. There are quizzes all over the internet offering prizes for the highest scorers… this doesn’t include the pikey ones which cheat, I’m talking big companies and television programmes. Now these quizzes allow you to search to find the answers on the web. My plan is to sit and complete these quizzes, googling any answers I don’t know and so racking up a pretty high score. Now to get into the top prizes you need a very high score on many sites dependent on the obscurity of the questions; I, of course, have ample amounts of time to scout out answers and if I get an average of one answer a minute (obviously again dependant on difficulty) then it’ll take me 500 minutes… or 6 hours twenty minutes to get a score of 500. this may seem a lot but when you think about the prizes, this particular one amounting to a cost of about £100 then you are earning a reasonable sum for admittedly tedious labour.

Emily and I were talking today about Big Brother, after a rather pathetic discussion about why we guiltily enjoy it (Emily enjoys watching the “weak ones break” as she put it, and I the value as an experiment, looking into the human psych.). We then got onto a discussion about applying and how we should all bet and see who can get the furthest in the application; we then got onto whether we would actually go ahead with it if we got in, Emily immediately said she wouldn’t but I wasn’t sure. It’s ironic really because the only reason I wouldn’t is because what people would think of me, and the reason you go on big brother is for the fame. It would be interesting to see if I could use it to kick start an acting career and then shed my reality TV reputation; they’d probably be amazed that someone who would be sad enough to go on big brother had even a scrap of talent. This discussion lasted a little while, as we then went on to talk about my attributes that would make me a perfect candidate of big brother. Their checklist would be complete: personality disorder: Check; unpredictable: Check; confrontation: Check; socially abnormal: Check.